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Due to past experiences and circumstances that we have no control over, we will no longer be able to ship live animals. If you are interested in the rescue or purchase of any animal on this page you will need to come to Texas. We may be able to meet you somewhere other than the Austin area, but be prepared to come pretty close to Central Texas to pick him, her or it up.

Disclaimer - It is your responsibility to find out the laws concerning owning spectacled caiman in your area. All of our caiman are spectacled caiman (caiman crocodilus). We will not be responsible for any violations that you may make. We will not be responsible for the legality or illegality of your ownership of any animals. Additionally, we will not be responsible for health, injury or death during transport or once they leave our facility. We will not be responsible for your health and safety once you take possession of any of our animals.

NOTE: At this time we have no hatchlings for sale or larger caiman for re-homing.


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