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I put this site together quickly so that there is very little loss of information available on the web about caiman. Up until early May of 2016 this was a very pretty, well constructed site.

However, hackers found a security vulnerability in the program and destroyed it. I am not a web designer. I know a little code so I did what I could. I know it is not anywhere near what it should be, but at least the information is accurate, and you can learn everything you need between this, my book, and me.

I am saddened that people will do such things for no reason at all. I will leave this note up until I am able to get the entire site reworked.


Bam CaimanHunter Rubenstein has been rescuing caiman since 2002. He's owned them as early as the 1970’s.

Over the years he has expanded his rescue operation to include educating the public to the importance of caiman as a keystone species, to the role of caiman in an ecosystem, and to create an atmosphere conducive to educating K-12's and college herpetology students.

CaimanHunter has rescued or effected removals from Texas Parks & Wildlife, Animal Control, and a great many other reputable and respectable organizations.

This website chronicles the beginnings of CaimanHunter, CaimanHunter Ranch, and gives a great bit of detail about what CaimanHunter has learned about caiman through hands on, practical, real world experience.

"Putting conservation and education in our future."

You are now free to move around the site!

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